Oxiracetam, like piracetam and aniracetam, is a supplement belonging to the racetam family. It is a brain development supplement that increases the clarity of thought, focus, concentration, and ability to store and recollect the information. It is a man-made nootropic that has gained the popularity because of its bioavailability, i.e., bodies can easily utilize it once ingested. Oxiracetam is convenient to take as it dissolves quickly in the water. Studies have revealed that oxiracetam has positively affected learning and memory of healthy animals and also of animals with cerebral dysfunction. It is also used to treat brain diseases and disorders.


Oxiracetam functions by activating the glutamate receptor in the brain; this receptor involves different aspects of cognitive functioning. Though the exact operation is still unclear, it has been presumed that racetam modulates the actions of two primary neurotransmitters, i.e., acetylcholine and glutamate.


Majority of people using Oxiracetam don’t have a prescription for it; it means that the substance is used only as a cognitive supplement rather than a pharmaceutical drug. It may be the reason that the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has not decided any exact dosage of the substance. However, medical practitioners have recommended a safe dosage schedule to avoid any unpleasant effects.

The general practice is to take between 800-2400mg per day; beginners should start with the lower Oxiracetam Capule Mindend and gradually increase the dosage. As oxiracetam half-life is between 3-4 hours, it is better to take it after even intervals of time throughout the day. For instance, a person taking 2400mg can take three doses of 800mg each. The normal recommendation is to take one dose after waking, one after lunch and finally the last in the evening. Adhering to this practice ensures a steady development and cognitive enhancement. Oxiracetam is available in capsule (usually 800 mg each) and powder forms that make it convenient to divide the dosage. To avoid the stimulation in the night, it is better to take the final dose 6-7 hours before sleeping.


Oxiracetam has been proved as an efficient memory enhancer if taken consistently. Additionally, studies have revealed positive impacts on demented patients in the long term. Thus, the drug enhances an overall quality of life of patients suffering from ADHD, dementia, and other neurological problems.


Exceeding the dosage limits of the substance may bring repulsive effects, headache being the most widely reported. Users can take suitable form of choline supplement (citicoline or alpha GPC) while taking oxiracetam. Many people have reported that the headache does not occur by adding a form of choline in the stack.

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Dizziness, nausea, and gastrointestinal distress are other frequent problems that crop up if users try to push the dosage limits. However, there may be users who still face these issues even after sticking to the safe and recommended dosage schedule. If this is the case, they should stop taking the drug for few days to allow the body system to come to normal.

In rare cases, users may feel nervousness and insomnia. However, these effects are usually mild and go away after body adjusts itself to the drug intake. It has been reported that users adding aniracetam to the stack reduces the problems of insomnia and sleep disturbances. Also, it works well with oxiracetam and the combination acts as an overall booster for cognitive development.

Succinctly put, Oxiracetam is a memory enhancer, and there are very mild side effects associated with it. However, users should follow normal dosage guidelines to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Oxiracetam was originally introduced by an Italian pharmaceutical company, ICF, in 1988. The mechanisms of action for this nootropic is unknown, however it is believed that it may have stimulatory effects on acetylcholine receptors as well as glutamatergic NDMA receptors. Clinical studies have shown that administering oxiracetam allows for benefits in logical efficacy, concentration, memory, attentiveness and spatial adaptation.

Oxiracetam is a water-soluble ampakine of the nootropic racetam chemical class purported to be oxiracetam chemical structuremore potent than Piracetam and Aniracetam. Unlike many of the other chemicals in the Racetam family, oxiracetam is not widely used as a prescription drug. One study compared both Piracetam and oxiracetam showing that both improved learning facilities, and also had varying benefits in comparison to each other.

Oxiracetam in one study was shown to have positive benefits in regards to learning and memory in healthy animals as well as animals with acute cerebral impairment. The study was conducted using the pole climbing test with animals healthy, aging, and suffering from acute cerebral impairment. Experimental behavioral studies with oxiracetam on different types of chronic cerebral impairment (Clin Neuropharmacol. 1986;9 Suppl 3:S19-26).

In a two stage, each stage lasting 26 weeks, double blind study oxiracetam was shown to improve cognitive function and simple reaction time compared to the placebo. In the twelve months after the study those taking the placebo showed poorer results, and the patients themselves seemed to favor the Oxiracetam. Treatment of cognitive impairment secondary to degenerative dementia. Effectiveness of oxiracetam therapy (Acta Neurol (Napoli). 1993 Feb;15(1):44-52).


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The recommended oxiracetam dosage is usually 2400 mg per day, taken in three 800 mg doses, one in the morning again in the afternoon and a final administration in the evening. It is sold in both tablet and powder form, generally of 750 mg each.


Oxiracetam is a Racetam and an ampakine that is promoted as a natural method of improving cognitive functions through the stimulation of ACh receptors, AMPA receptors and NDMA receptors. There have been clinical studies to suggest oxiracetam can improve perception, memory, focus, concentration, and alertness. In some studies, oxiracetam has been shown to increase simple reaction times. The reviews suggested that some may experience better motor functionality.

There are still many variables though that have to be looked at with improving cognitive abilities. As a result, it is very hard to determine just how effective oxiracetam would be for a specific person. It all comes down to their own needs and current cognitive ability as well as lifestyle choices.