Buy Coluracetam Capsules – 50mg


Neuro Vibe Coluracetam: (50mg) of Coluracetam in each capsule.

There are 30ct capsules in each bottle.

We also have a (15ct) sample pack for sale.

Each capsule is filled only with pure Coluracetam.

With this being said, there are no additives or fillers in the capsules.



Buy Coluracetam Capsules

Coluracetam is soluble in alcohol, and has been shown to stimulate the Hippo Campus, Medial Septum, as well as AMPA and ACh receptors. Because of its stimulatory nature in regards to the Hippo Campus, which is implicated in mood and neuro genesis, Coluracetam is considered a mood enhancer or stabilizer with various neuro protective qualities. Stimulation of the ACh receptor, like most of the other Racetam family class of chemicals, and the AMPA receptors allows Coluracetam to function as a overall memory improving agent or nootropic.

When one is looking to buy Coluracetam, there should be a few questions answered before making a purchase. The first being would you like to buy Coluracetam capsules or bulk powder? Secondly who would be a reputable vendor or seller where you can buy Coluracetam from? And the final question being is it legal for you to buy Coluracetam capsules or powder in your order’s country of delivery. Contact us if you need any help when looking to buy Coluracetam or other nootropics, and we will help you find the answers you need.

Our Coluracetam is capsuled in Halal capsules, and each capsule contains 50mg of Coluracetam. If looking to buy Coluracetam capsules in quantities larger as a “whole seller” or a “re-seller” please contact us so that a deal can be reached. Our capsules contain no additives or fillers, so you can buy Coluracetam Magnesium Stearate free.

We are a reputable vendor and have additional information available for those looking to buy Coluracetam at: What is Coluracetam?


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ATTENTION: This compound has not been approved by the FDA and should be used for research purposes only.


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