Phenibut: What is Phenibut?

Phenibut: What is it?

Phenibut was first discovered during the 1960s in Soviet Union (Shulgina, 1986). Since it was discovered, it has been used for treatment of mental and emotional ailments. Phenibut is a type of chemical that is similar to a human’s brain chemical. It is known as gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA for short ( Phenibut is normally being used for anxiety treatment. It is also being used for treatment of insomnia, fear, stress, and even tension. Additionally, it is allowed to cross the human’s blood brain obstruction through phenyl ring.

Many people experience different types of emotional or mental strain that made them use Phenibut as part of their treatment process. However, this chemical is more of a nutritional supplement, which is still not approved in in the United States as one of the pharmaceutical products. On the other hand, in Russia, Phenibut is being purchased as psychotropic medicine. In fact, it is known to have the ability when it comes to neurological functions improvements even though some medical researchers are still not able to notice these outcomes.

How Phenibut works

Since Phenibut is similar to a human brain’s chemical, it works almost the same thing as natural. Even though it has not been fully tested and studied on humans, the results of the research on animals show that it has the ability to reduce anxiety (Medicinenet). In addition, it also has some effects on the human body. However, since there is still no concrete evidence regarding its effects, the information may have not been enough to conclude that it provides benefits to humans. There have been claims from various patients, saying that Phenibut helped them with their anxiety and insomnia, but these reports were not academically published to serve its therapeutic effects on humans.

What is Phenibut used for?

Due to different circumstances and experiences, many people suffer from mental and emotional ailments. As a result, stress and anxiety occurs, which normally affects the person’s sleeping habits. During this stage, Phenibut is being used to help a person regain his or her sleeping habits such as fighting the symptoms of insomnia. For instance, Phenibut HCL is a natural nootropic, which is known for its sleep patterns improvement effects. It also helps in reduction of anxiety and boosts cognitive performance. Based on its usage, Phenibut is ideal for people who suffer from severe stress that result to anxiety and sleep deprivation. Since it has a nootropic stacks component, which is designed to fight against stress, it has the ability to enhance a person’s mood. Sometimes, people use this drug as anxiolytic, especially to reduce social anxiety. Thus, it also serves as anti-depressant for others.

Phenibut: Usage and Dosage

It is important to know if a certain drug works quickly. Therefore, people also need to know its right dosage and usage in order to achieve its safe use and avoid any possible complications. In the case of Phenibut, there are ideal dosages that can be followed especially if it will be taken privately. For male, the ideal dosage is between fifteen and seventeen milligrams per pound of his whole body weight ( However, in some cases, dosages may vary depending on his health. For example, a healthy male in his early twenties or late teens may take about two point five grams of Phenibut, which must be subdivided up to three different doses in one day.

On the other hand, female patients have different recommended dosage for daily use. The ideal is between eight and ten milligrams per pound of her whole body weight ( Same thing with male, dosage may also vary depending on female’s health. For example, a healthy female within the same age, may take one gram as a dose for the day, which can also be subdivided up to three usages within one day.

*Most nootropic users generally take anywhere from 500mg to 1000mg of Phenibut per day.*

Phenibut: Short/Long term effects and known side effects

Every drug has its own negative and positive effects. For Phenibut, it provides both the long and short term effects. One of the known short term effects and as mentioned earlier is its ability to help a person who suffers stress due to different activities involving his or her daily life. In general, Phenibut could not only provide psychological benefits, but it also adds to a person’s overall benefits in terms of nootropic stack through promoting sleep and reduction of corticosteroids. It also fights the unwanted effects of stress by putting a person on his relaxed mind.

On the other hand, one of the long term effects of Phenibut is the person’s tolerance on this drug. As the person continuously use it, his or her tolerance increases, which may require him to increase the dosage eventually. As such, the increased tolerance could affect his dependence on Phenibut. That is why; it is advisable to temporarily stop using it for a few days in order to lower the person’s tolerance. Continuous intake of Phenibut could feel slight numbness and limb pain after hours of sleep. However, such incidents are rarely reported as the effects can be reduced through reduction of dosage.

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