Aniracetam: Dosage, Effects and Performance

Aniracetam: What is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam: What is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam was developed in Belgium as a nootropic compound in the 1970s. It belongs to the category of drugs known as racetams and has structural similarity with piracetam. It is renowned as an effective smart drug for the improvement of mental performance. Aniracetam increases memory as well as works efficiently for the overall enhancement of learning capacity in human beings. Its effect is evident in a number of cognitive functions that include concentration, mental endurance, focus, memorization, and visual perception. Aniracetam is also known for the improvement of verbal fluidity. As mentioned, its comparability with piracetam has made Aniracetam “a more potent sister chemical of piracetam with similar though stronger beneficial effects on memory and without significant side effects” (Lidsky & Schneider, 2001). Aniracetam also helps in protecting the brain from the negative outcomes of lack of oxygen. In addition, this drug is also used for improving the psychological state of patients who have cerebrovascular disease (Nakada, Yokoyama, Komatsu, Kodama, Yotsuyanagi, Niikura, Nagasaka & Namiki, 2000).

How does Aniracetam work?

Just like other racetam group members, the mechanism of action of aniracetam is also not fully known. On the other hand, there are several studies that present potentially interesting impacts of this drug on the brain. Aniracteam is helpful in the maintenance of brain metabolism to normal levels. Its positive outcomes are also apparent in beneficially affecting ischemic patients. Such patients experience a unique condition whereby their brain receives abnormally decreased flow of blood. As a consequence, their brain neurons are damaged by free radicals’ productions that are toxic. The intake of aniracetam during ischemia decresease the formation of free radicals. This racetam member is also known for its effectiveness on receptors associated with glutamate neurotransmission. Aniracetam is also helpful for stress relief as its mechanism involves improvement of synergic activity of neurotransmitters through anxiolytic and antidepressant effects (Akiki, 2013).

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Short term, Long term & Side Effects

The short-term effects of Aniracetam include improvement in the mood. This is because the effective drug is efficient in influencing the chemicals, Serotonin and Dopamine (Shirane & Nakamura, 2001). As a result, people who usually suffer from an imbalance in their body chemicals feel relieved after the intake of Aniracetam. It also temporarily boosts energy levels in fatigued individuals. As far as its long-term effects are concerned, Aniracetam helps individuals to improve the driving force of their cognition by enhancing attention span, capacity of learning and memorization, and improvement of mental energy. Like other nootropics that belong to Racetams, Aniracetam is also not known for causing any major side effect. As it is nontoxic, Aniracetam does not result in any lethal reactions. However, it is still usually not recommended to be taken by nursing mothers or pregnant women. Nevertheless, headaches, nervousness, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea are the only principal side effects of Aniracetam when this nootropic is taken in an unreasonably high dosage.

Additional Information on Aniracetam

Aniracetam is an original pharmaceutical product by Roche, which acts on the central nervous system (CNS), stimulating the learning process and the memory. Pharmacological studies have shown that Aniracetam stimulates the functions of certain neuronal receptors by means of glutamic acid, bringing about memorization processes (AMPA receptors) and protection of nerve cells (metabotropic receptors). Clinical studies have shown specific therapeutic activities affected by alterations of the cognitive functions. Both long and short-term memory improvement have been seen in addition to learning, attention span, alertness, concentration, reasoning and absent mindedness.

Besides the statements that mention Aniracetam being able to improve scores on tests involving learning and memory, it may also affect many other variables. This nootropic has been reported to improve vigilance in patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cerebral infarction, anxiety, depression, and the incidence of sleep disorders. This cognitive enhancer has the potential of enhancing what has already been memorized and strengthens memory recall.

Aniracetam is an ampakine, and a fat-soluble nootropic dedicated to the racetam chemical class. Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Coluracetam, Phenylpiracetam and Fasoracetam are some of the few chemicals that belong to this class of nootropics. Although Aniracetam shares some of the same qualities like Piracetam, it has a positive effect with AMPA receptor stimulation, attention span and energy within the human brain. This allows the mind to have the capabilities of enhancing alertness. Piracetam, acting as a potentiator, could enhance the effects given from Aniracetam. With this being said, it would be normal to conclude that Aniracetam and Piracetam work synergistically together.

It is also very effective in treating post-stroke depression and sleep disorders. Human studies have established that Aniracetam is a powerful cognitive enhancer. Study participants improved their scores on a number of intelligence and memory tests (Saletu, 1980, 1984). Multiple studies indicate that Aniracetam protects against excitotoxicity, and it also has other neuro protective effects, such as reducing free radical formation and improving glucose metabolism. During conditions of neuronal injury, aniracetam may facilitate the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters . Other compensatory mechanisms may be involved. Neurosci Lett. 2003 Mar 27;339(3):187-90. Effects of Aniracetam on extracellular levels of transmitter amino acids in the hippo campus of the conscious gerbils: an intracranial micro dialysis study. Yu S, Cai J.

Aniracetam Dosage and Suggested Usage

The suggested aniracetam dosage is generally 1500 mg per day, taken in two 750 mg doses, one aniracetam dosage in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is sold in both tablet and powder form, generally of 750 mg each.

Does Aniracetam Work?

Aniracetam is an amino acid that is promoted as a natural method of improving cognitive functions. There have been clinical studies to suggest Aniracetam can improve perception, memory, focus, concentration, alertness, and enhance creativity. This is accomplished through increasing communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is also stated Aniracetam helps to regulate the various chemicals in the brain.

There are still many variables though that have to be looked at with improving cognitive abilities. As a result, it is very hard to determine just how effective Aniracetam would be for a specific person. It all comes down to their own needs and current cognitive ability as well as lifestyle choices.

Aniracetam Dosage Benefits Effects

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