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Pure and Additive Free Nootropics

Smart Drugs for Thought products do not contain any fillers, impurities, or additives.  With this being said, all of our products are 100% of what we have them labeled as.  We are currently working on adding more nootropics to our storefront in the same manner.

Smart Drugs for Thought (SDFT) was founded in late 2010. We are one of the leading producers of cognitive supplements known as Nootropics (Greek words νους nous, or “mind,” and τρέπειν trepein meaning “to bend/turn”). They are also referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. They are basically advanced nutraceuticals (nutrition derived compounds) that can improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, motivation, focus, mental processing, concentration, mood, and the biochemical factors involved in brain aging.  Most nootropics are non-toxic and non-addictive substances.

We specifically focus on producing high quality -racetams, smart drugs, and cognitive enhancers for our customers. Our company ships out to domestic and international customers and we make every  effort to make sure our customers are taken care of.  In order to meet expected standards and needs from the customers, we provide quality customer service (domestic and international).  If you would like to see some reviews about our customer service and products, we have an Amazon and Ebay store with many reviews to look through (please check the review section of our webpage). We strive to offer the best clinically researched compounds for your cognitive and emotional health at effective doses.

If there are any questions concerning our products and services, please contact us at any given time.  Or if you would like to get to know more about Smart Drugs for Thought you may reach us through email or telephone and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.

Privacy Policy

Here is a link to our privacy policy: SDFT Privacy Policy

Shipping Policy

About Smart Drugs for Thought’s Shipping Policy: SDFT ships all orders within 24 hours of order placement except for in the case of federal holidays.  We currently ship through USPS, but upon request we can ship UPS and FedEx.  If there are any questions or concerns in regards to our shipping methods, we can be reached at sdftcsr@gmail.com or by phone (please see contact us).

Same Day Shipping:

As long as the time of the order is before 4:30PM CST, we will have orders shipped within the same day. You may reach us at our customer service phone number or via email if you would like to learn more about Smart Drugs for Thought’s Same Day Shipping procedures.

Refund, Reshipment & Return Policy

If you should find our nootropic products unsatisfactory, ineffective, or simply would not like to continue taking nootropics we do accept and give full refunds for any unopened bottles. If your order has not shipped yet and you would like a refund we, Smart Drugs for Thought, will happily do so.

Refunds in terms of opened bottles are at the discretion of the seller, Smart Drugs for Thought, however we will work with you to the best of our abilities. If your order is lost, misplaced, or not delivered upon the estimated date of delivery, we will happily reship your order.

We currently ship our nootropics and smart drugs to:

United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Dubai, Poland, Israel, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Belarus, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Egypt, Portugal, New Zealand, and Thailand.

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SDFT was founded in late 2010.
Top producers of Nootropics.

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